Safelink Search Engine

All in One Search Engine

Safelink Search is a search engine platform belonging to the 401XD Group based on the Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE). 401XD Group is the nickname of an individual industry that specializes in technology, software development, artificial intelligence, internet, online media portals, digital marketing, financial technology and e-commerce in Indonesia.

Safelink Search Technology

Safelink Search is an alternative Google search engine based on Google Programmable Search. Safelink performs searches based on Google Custom Search Engine (Google CSE) or custom searches.

What are Programmable Search Engines?

Google Programmable Search Engine is a platform provided by Google that allows web developers to display custom information in web searches, refine and categorize queries and create customized search engines, based on Google Search.

The purpose of Safelink Search

Safelink Search aims to help you find what you need from the Internet, we will suggest quality content from various websites. Enter your search keywords in the search box, get fast and relevant results powered by Google Search.

Why choose Safelink Search?

1. High quality search results: As it is powered by Google's continuously improving mainstream search technology, you always get fast and relevant results.

2. Customizable functionality: You can customize the search engine, to show what content to show by category.

3. Easy to use: All features can be customized easily, you can make custom settings in settings page.

Search Category

You can search anything on the internet with the keywords entered on the search page, our search categories are as follows:

  1. Web
  2. Video
  3. News
  4. Picture
  5. Peta
  6. Shopping
  7. Finance
  8. Books
  9. Flights
  10. Subtitle
  11. Music
  12. Application
  13. Torrent
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