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Reactive Energy Convert is the Best Online Reactive Energy Converter Tool, free without app. Reactive Energy Convert Tool helps to management, analysis, editing, generate and convert data.

Best Reactive Energy Converter Tool

Reactive Energy Converter online tool. Use this tool to convert from one unit of Reactive Energy to another for free. Reactive Energy means a measure in varhours (varh) of the alternating exchange of stored energy in inductors and capacitors, which is the time integral of the product of voltage and the out-of-phase component of current flow across a point of supply.

This tool is a reactive energy converter. The Tool's input is supplied exclusively with reactive current, which has a maximum offset of the voltage at an angle of your choice. In the output, the result will display the value of the process. Regardless of the load at the output of the converter, at the input of the converter, the power remains exclusively reactive. This tool is stable. Does not require an electronic control system. Has no electronic components.

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is the power required to generate a magnetic field in the inductive load coils.

Similar to the induction electric motor, for example, the magnetic field generated by the reactive power in the stator coil which serves to induce the rotor as a result creates an induced magnetic field in the rotor components.

Another example in the transformer. The function of reactive power is to generate a magnetic field in the main coil which causes the magnetic field to induce the secondary coil

The reactive power is absorbed by the inductive loads, but is generated by the capacitive loads. Reakfir power is also borne by the power plant. The unit of reactive power is the volt-amperes reactive and commonly abbreviated as "var" capacitive devices such as fluorescent lamps, capacitive banks have the property of making this reactive power.

Actually, reactive power is not a real power. Synchronous uses its definition, that electric power is a number that indicates the transfer of electric power from the power plant to the electrical load component for use or application.

Reactive power is an imaginary power that indicates a sinusoidal graph of ac current and voltage due to a reactive load. This power has the same task using the power factor or also the number cos . Reactive power or power factor will have a value (≠zero). If there is a sinusoidal shift of the ac voltage or current, that is, when the ac electrical load is inductive or capacitive.

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