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Charge Convert is the Best Online Charge Converter Tool, free without app. Charge Convert Tool helps to management, analysis, editing, generate and convert data.

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Converts between 17 units of charge, including coulomb [C], megacoulomb [MC], kilocoulomb [kC], millicoulomb [mC], etc. Also, explore many other unit converters or learn more about charge unit conversions.

More Electric Charge Conversion Calculators

See a complete list of conversion calculators for each unit of electric charge by selecting one below.

SI Units

coulomb converters
millicoulomb converters
microcoulomb converters
nanocoulomb converters
picocoulomb converters
Centimetre–Gram–Second Units
statcoulomb converters
abcoulomb converters

Other Units

electron charge converters
ampere-hour converters
milliampere-hour converters

You might also be interested in our charge to capacitance calculator or our Coulomb's Law calculator to calculate force, distance, or charge.

Units of Electric Charge Measurement

Units of electric charge include coulombs, millicoulombs, microcoulombs, nanocoulombs, picocoulombs, statcoulombs, abcoulombs, electron charge, ampere-hours, and milliampere-hours.

In today's digital age, powering electronic devices has become an integral part of daily life. One of the devices commonly used in the charging process is the Charge Converter. This article will delve into the concept, benefits, and usage of Charge Converters.

What is a Charge Converter?

A Charge Converter, also known as a power converter, is an electronic device designed to convert voltage and current to match the specifications required by the device being charged. It allows the use of different power sources to charge devices, such as household electricity, power banks, or car chargers.

Benefits of Charge Converter

Here are some benefits of using Charge Converters:

  1. Wide Compatibility: With Charge Converters, users can charge their devices from various power sources, whether at home, at work, or while traveling.
  2. Safe Charging: Charge Converters come equipped with various safety features, such as protection against voltage spikes or excessive currents, which safeguard the charged devices from damage caused by electrical disturbances.
  3. Time Savings: By using Charge Converters, users can charge their devices faster and more efficiently, as these devices are designed to provide power with the appropriate voltage and current required by the device being charged.

How to Use Charge Converter

Using a Charge Converter is relatively straightforward. Users simply need to connect their device charger cable to the output port of the Charge Converter, and then connect the Charge Converter to the available power source, such as a wall outlet or power bank.


Charge Converters play a crucial role in the world of electronic device charging. By providing wide compatibility, safe charging, and time savings, Charge Converters help users charge their devices more efficiently and conveniently. Therefore, owning a Charge Converter is a wise investment for anyone who frequently uses electronic devices in their daily lives.

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