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GST Calculator is the Best Online GST Calculator Tool, free without app. GST Calculator Tool helps to management, analysis, editing, generate and convert data.

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Goods and services tax (GST) calculator online. Calculate GST Tax on the go along with other mathematical calculations. GST Calculator Tool is simple, easy to use and the quickest way to calculate Goods and Service Tax (GST) on sales or purchase of goods or services. GST Calculator Tool is combination of two calculators:

Simple GST Calculator

Useful to calculate GST quickly with simple interface optimised for GST calculations. Simply enter the Initial Amount of transaction and the GST Rate and get the results calculated as you type in. You can see the amount inclusive or exclusive of tax amount. Simply use "Add GST" to get the total amount of goods or services including GST or "Remove GST" to get the net amount of goods or services exclusive of GST.

Generally kept GST calculations as a core feature, this calculator tool is handy and useful to calculate other percentage based calculations including Discount calculations, Tip calculations or even simple percentage calculations.

GST tax calculation

GST amount = GST Rate(%) × Net amount

Gross amount = (100% + GST Rate(%)) × Net amount

Net amount = 100$

GST Rate = 10%

GST amount = 10%×100$ = 10$

Gross amount = (100%+10%)×100% = 110$

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a crucial component of the tax system in many countries, aimed at streamlining and unifying the taxation of goods and services. To assist individuals and businesses in calculating the GST amount they owe or are eligible for, a tool known as the GST Calculator is commonly used. This article aims to delve into the concept, benefits, and usage of the GST Calculator.

What is a GST Calculator?

A GST Calculator is a tool or application used to compute the GST amount based on the value of goods or services subject to taxation. It enables users to swiftly and accurately calculate the GST amount involved in their transactions.

Benefits of GST Calculator

Here are some benefits of utilizing a GST Calculator:

  1. Convenience in Calculations: The GST Calculator provides ease in calculating the GST amount without the need for complex manual calculations.
  2. Accuracy: By using the GST Calculator, the likelihood of errors in tax calculations is minimized as the calculator performs the computations automatically based on the input values.
  3. Time Efficiency: This tool aids users in saving time that would otherwise be spent on manual calculations, allowing them to focus on other essential activities.

How to Use a GST Calculator

Using a GST Calculator is straightforward. Users input the value of the goods or services subject to taxation and the applicable GST rate. Subsequently, the GST Calculator automatically computes the GST amount payable or eligible for a refund.


The GST Calculator serves as a valuable tool in computing the GST amount involved in transactions of goods or services. By providing convenience in calculations, accuracy, and time efficiency, the GST Calculator assists users in managing their tax obligations effectively. Therefore, having access to a GST Calculator can aid individuals and businesses in conducting their activities more efficiently and accurately within the framework of taxation laws.

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