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This weight converter tool is the best tool for converting between different weight units. We not only include a real-time weight conversion tool, but also a weight conversion chart (weight conversion table) that allows you to easily convert between units, e.g., lbs to kg, kg to lbs, oz to stones and so on. We will also explain in this article what is weight, discuss if weight is a force or not and even touch briefly on bodyweight, health issues and how to lose weight (and how to gain weight) for those who are interested.

As with other physical quantities, there are several units systems to measure weight (mass). The most popular and widespread of them is the International System (SI) and its units like kilogram (kg), gram (g), decagram (dag). Another primary system of units is the Imperial System, with units such as the pound (lbs) and the ounce (oz). However, these are not the only units' systems used in the world. In the following text, we explain, in more detail, some of the most common units.

What is weight?

Before we begin talking about weight units and how to convert between them, we need to issue a HUGE DISCLAIMER. The real (technical) definition of weight is very different from what we understand in our everyday life. Technically speaking, weight is a force, in particular, the force exerted by the Earth (or another planet) on an object. Therefore, it cannot be measured in kilograms, pounds, or tons, but only in Newtons and equivalent units.

What we usually call "weight" in our everyday life is technically referred to as mass, and it measures the amount of matter in an object. The gravitational force that the Earth exerts on us is approximately constant. Thus, we can utilize mass and weight almost interchangeably by just multiplying or dividing it by the gravitational acceleration, g, of the Earth. If you still wish to know more about the real units of weight, they are the same as force. You can find most of them in our force converter and even play with the conversion tables as well.

To avoid confusion or unnecessary complications, we will talk about mass units, but refer to them as weight units. We adopt the common way of speaking instead of the technical one. For those who would like to be more technical and precise, we remind that an object with a mass of 1kg on the Earth will weigh 9.8 N. But hereafter, we say that this object "weighs" 1kg.

Convert from pound to kg, convert from kg to lbs...

When it comes to converting from one weight unit to another by hand, it can be easy (e.g., to switch from kilograms to grams, you just multiply kilograms by 1000) or not so easy (like switching from lbs to kg or kg to lbs), but using a weight converter like this, everything becomes easy as pie.

With this weight converter, you can easily and effortlessly convert kg to pounds (and re-convert pounds to kg), grams to stones or any other two units you desire. We offer the full list of available units below:

microgram (µg) - 1 millionth of a gram
milligram (mg) - 1 thousandth of a gram
gram (g)
kilogram (kg) - 1 thousand grams, but a kilogram is a default unit in the metric system
metric ton (t) - 1000 kilograms
grain (gr) - 1/7000 of a pound
drachm (dr) - 1/16 of an ounce, 1/256 of a pound
ounce (oz) - 1/16 of a pound
pound (lb) - basic weight unit in the US
stone (st) - 14 pounds. Often used to quote a person's weight, mostly in the UK and Ireland.
US ton, also called a short ton - 2000 pounds
long ton, used in the UK - 2240 pounds

To get your head around the conversions between these units, feel free to use the weight conversion chart in the next section. Conversion charts and conversion tables are very helpful. They visually show you the equivalence between different units of any magnitude, not only weight. For example, there exist similar conversion tables for lengths, like in our length conversion tool or our temperature conversion tool.

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